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St. Bernard Church
 (Spring Grove Village/Winton Place)

Service Ministries of St. Bernard's

Supported Ministries

Company of St. Ursula---In 2000 Mary Cabrini of St. Bernard's brought to the US The Company of St. Ursula, a spiritual companionship of single lay women consecrated to Christ, in service for the world.

Fransican Haircuts from the Heart--Sr. Bonnie Steinlage of St. Bernard's founded the ministry to provide haircuts for the poor and homeless

​Ignatian Volunteer Corps--Fr. Bob Thesing, Fr. Joe Folzenlogen, Bob Saal, Dennis Kinne, and Linda Wihl all serve in the Greater Cincinnati Region of IVC.  IVC provides men and women 50+ purposeful service opportunities in area nonprofits with the support of a faith community.

Kairos Prison Ministry--parishioners serve on teams that give retreats in prisons, others bake cookies, pray or financially contribute to show inmates they are cared for

Making Sense of Language Arts--is the program used by St. Bernard's tutoring and in other Cincinnati Public Schools.  Multi-sensory techniques help with brain development that bridges the literacy gap for children from low income households

Winton Place Development Corp--volunteers are dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the Spring Grove Village community, rehabbing deteriorated houses thus providing refurbished, affordable homes promoting the development of home ownership and by economic development in our small business district.

Winton Place Youth Center---was founded by members of St. Bernard's and some still tutor or serve on the board.  The youth center provides Spring Grove Village neighborhood children with after school care, tutoring, homework supervision, arts, service and other activities

Women's Center for Health, Hope & Healing---founded by Joe Gubasta of St. Bernard's helps women choose life and find healing after pregnancy loss or abortion 

Working In Neighborhoods--was formed by Mother of Christ parishioner, Sr. Barbara Busch.  WIN provides foreclosure prevention counseling, home buyer classes, after school and summer youth programs, neighborhood organizing and housing development

St. Bernard's reaches beyond our own parish to those in need through parish ministries and service organizations that have been developed, staffed or served by parishioners.  Members of St. Bernard's take the call to serve the poor seriously and know "whatever you do to the do to Me."  Jesus
St. Bernard's St. Vincent de Paul

Our chapter is active serving our neighbors in Spring Grove Village and in Winton Hills.  Home visits, emergency assistance and prayer comfort our neighbors in need.
Members of St. Bernard's also serve at Bank Street.
St. Bernard's Tutoring Program

St. Bernard's parishioners provide kindergarten tutoring for students of Winton Hills Academy. Our students learn to read and write and leave the program with average or better skills.Teaching a child to read changes the trajectory of his or her whole life